Activities & Faclities

Our Cultural activities are as follow,
Annual day celebrations on 24th nov in which around 600 students participate
Declamation, debated ,poetry Recitaion,Theatre,Extempore and Mock drills of projects.
Leadership Training.
Arts and crafts as part of emotional expression.
Music as an expression of ones aesthetic sensibilities.
Relationship with flowers and plants as The Mother has given spiritual names to them such as Tulsi is called Devotion,Orchid are named Divine Attachment,Glads are called Receptivity.

Training of the Senses

Sense are the gateway to right perception of the mind and emotional inputs.
Therefore materials are used to train eyes, touch, smell ears through various activities.

Sports activities

Body is a temple of God,having said that we give tremendous emphasis on body training through Yoga asanas,games and regular outdoor activities besides indoor games.
Our students have done well in all sports particularly cricket,yoga asanas and kho kho and handball.
More important than this is that every class goes to playground to play daily whic very few school can afford.

Workshop for Teachers and Children

We feel that teachers are the true human resource to effect change among children,therefore we organise regular workshop are held for them to give them inputs in personality development,new methodologies in teachings nd various aspects of value education.