AURO MIRRA is a place where i have spent my wonderful moments of my life… it means a lot to me… it has given a lot to me or i can say i stand on the strong foundations of the teachings of this school. i have spent my 5 marvelous years of my life in this school and the i have gained a lot in this friendly environment… i am proud of such a good up bringing. it was great. learning and fun giving environment in the school is one of the awesome reason that i can stand well in every aspect. learning through interesting ways, interesting activities makes it completely different…teachers n sub staff are also very helpful… today i stand on my foots due to excellent coaching of this school… m proud to say that i have studied in AURO MIRRA SCHOOL OF EDUCATION…. thanx to all the teachers, friends n the school.Lovish Dhiman

For me Auro Mirra means a diffrnt World. I ws cmplty smeone else b4 cming 2 auro mirra, i grew in Auro Mirra, i found such gud frnds, grt teachrs, learnd so much. It is a diffnt society, It hs its own envirnmnt nd it is so inspiring nd refshing and being a student i alwys wnted 2 learn more nd intrct nd grsp more. Nt only studies, i lernd a alot abt myslf, people nd lyf. It gave a new path and perspective 2 my thoughts nd my lyf. Every moment is stil so fresh. Evrythng dat i lernd i l nvr frgt. Auro Mirra alwys offr 2 lern nd it alwys wil. Acdng 2 me Auro Mirra sets an exmple wat a skul shuld b like. I miss evry momnt nd feel proud 2 b a part of such a grt skul. I hv huge respct 4 Auro Mirra. Evrythng i said is just nt enough to explain wat it means 2 me. Its so ovrwhlming To b a prt of society or skul like Auro Mirra. Its such a feeling dat cnt b explaind in words. A prsn once been a prt of it wil alwys cherish and rembr time spnt here as i do. Its d mst vluabl prt of my lyf nd wl b.Tejeshwar
The name AURO MIRRA itself reminds me my cherishable moments spent in the marvelous environment of the school. Established around 12-13 years ago this branch of SRI AUROBINDO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL gave me my first stepping stones towards my way to knowledge. This school means a lot to me as it was the foundation of the important years of my life. Today where ever i stand is because of the firm foundation of my self and perfect education. the education system have always been unique with lots of fun and joy.friendly environment with strict rules made us presentable toevery one. teachers over here guided us to our goals n made our studies easy and enjoyable. I fell emmensely proud to say that today we are able to stand along with various renowned schools n have got a lot of achievements which make us,our parents and teachers proud. I can say with my head up that i am the student of AURO MIRRA CENTRE OF EDUCATION. miss those days…..Bhavika sharma
Auro Mirra means a lot to me, it holds the great value in my life. It is the school that brought me up, the teachers treated us like a family and there is no partiality done among students. The strong relation b/w teachers and students helped a lot to study in a good environment. I never scared of going to the school rather i use to enjoy going to the school. The co-curricular activities done there helped a lot in my daily life. It is a true place for education where i not only got knowledge but also done physical activities which helped me in my body growth and these activities are also very essential in our lives as these activities mature our minds and makes us mentally strong. I learnt there how to compete with others in life. Teachers there treated us like friends with whom we can share every obstacle(problem) of our life. It is a very beautiful and different place for education with a very good environment. On the whole i feel very much lucky that i studied there, i can never forget the importance of ‘Auro Mirra’ in my life.Tanuj Sachdeva
I joined auro mirra in 2005 in 5th standard..and glad for being a part of has an atmosphere vch is so playfull for a student dat he/she is free 4m any kind of burdn of study…my english pronounciation got a boost up hear only..overall activities are covered hear 4m studyng to art to yoga vch s necessary at the basic stage..d building of d school attractd me the most specially basement..teachers were friendly here so it was always easy 4 me to talk to dem..learning is d main moto of any skul vch is actually implementd here 4m tym to tym..classes were meant to b sit n study cz dey were so maintaind nd so i lvd my study more n more…i spent 4 years in d skul vch ws actually a bliss 4 me..nd i wsh more classes r introducd 4 diffrnt streams in future..:) 🙂 nd wsh dat my school ( AURO MIRRA) rise more n more at all levels…:)AASTHA
Auro Mirra, probably one place which gave me true happiness apart from my home… It was rather a home too.. There was kind of a special excitement everyday of going there. What makes it more special is the very atmosphere of the school. Teachers are more than just teachers. They are like friends with whom i could share anything even i could joke around. They made me whatever i am today and i will always be grateful to them… Spent some very beautiful moments of my life there. Study seemed fun.. At last all i can say that i feel lucky to be a part of this school..and thank you for everything…I will always cherish these golden times of my life…Armaan Kaushal
For me, its not just a school where i jst got my education nd moved on… Its a part of my life which taught me to grow more wisely, and in a more thoughtful way. Its a school where life’s not just about getting marks in tests, but also scoring high in moral values and honing life skills. For me, Auro mirra is no less than a ‘heaven’, bcoz ‘angels’ like Chinmayie di, Ruchi di, Sandeep di and all of them(sorry cant name u all :)) are there, working hard, spreading love and happiness all around and reaching the depths of many hearts. They have set an example that sometimes, reaching depths becomes much more valued than reaching heights…….. Bcoz there is no point in reaching heights if you cant spread happiness around.
Its just bcoz of all those great teachers and their understanding, helping nature, their open minded attitude that we share a very strong bonding with the teachers-cum-friends and that ‘beautiful place’. All these things make me realise that yes, it is ‘a school with a diference.’ this tagline is completely justified.
Life spent in auro mirra is the best phase of my life. I will cherish those precious moments lifelong.
Many a times, i wish i had the power to reverse the tym, so that i could get the chance to study again in auro mirra, from all those dear teachers, with all those loving friends… I knw its impossible, bt its my wish. Who says u cnt wish 4 d impossble??;)Nikhil Sharma
Auro Mirra means a lot to me.It has changed my lifa a lot in every aspect.The teachers were very supportive,they have always helped us whenever needed.The environment of our school was so spiritual that it always kept us calm n composed.Our Principal Miss.Chinmayie helped us and motivated us in every way and I am fully honoured to have such a marvellous person in my life.I thank God for all those beautiful 10 years.Thank You For Everything.
Arshdeep Kaur
i hav spent d best days of mi school life in auro mira …. d school
was lyk our second home . we al played together study together nd
being loved together …. mi experience n d schol is unexpressble n
words …. respectd teachers and principal alwz treatd us like their
own children nd pondichery till date is the best school trip 4 me….
hope i cn get bck 2 skul nd can experience those days again
miss you nd love u auro mira:Sakshi bhardwaj
Auro Mirra means a lot to me.This school has given my life a different meaning.I have studied here for 10 years and the journey was very beautiful.The school have a divinely atmosphere where one can feel the connection with the God.I have studied as well as enjoyed my school life very much.All our respected teachers have helped us in all ways.Only because of Auro Mirra School,i want to live my school life again.I have learned my life’s very important lessons here only and i heartily thank this school for that.Our respected Principal madam Miss.Chinmayie have devoted her life to this school and I have learnt a lot from her.May Mother and Sri Aurobindo shower their blessings on this school.It was a pleasure to be in this school and to learn from such great teachers.Auro Mirra Rocks…

Thank You