Business & Economic Development

Our vision in the business & economic field is to work towards an integral perfection of the community where, as Sri Aurobindo puts it:

“The aim of its economics would be not to create a huge engine of production, whether of the competitive or the cooperative kind, but to give to men—not only to some but to all men each in his highest possible measure—the joy of work according to their own nature and free leisure to grow inwardly, as well as a simply rich and beautiful life for all.”



AuroService works in collaboration with the Sri Aurobindo Society, for a new economic order based on truth and spiritual values and tries to generate funds for the work of social transformation. Its guiding principles are truth, perfection, harmony and service.

AuroService undertakes and supports businesses which are meant to be living models based on work as sadhana and money as a means to realise and manifest divinity in material life.

The AuroService unit at Puducherry has its own showroom, Splendour, which sells environmentally friendly products of a high quality, including handicrafts and health products. AuroService has also established units in other parts of India.

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