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When you see your dream vision taking shape, you are filled with humility and gratitude to The Lord for guidance, inspiration and unending patience to sweat for this unconventional school. We sent our teachers to Pondicherry for training, called experts from there and various parts of India to give their inputs to teaching resource. We wanted our children to go back to nature, therefore we created an ambiance of physical beauty of plants and flowers.

We felt our children should understand the values of sincerity, humility, gratitude, courage and generosity and much more, we are working towards them with utmost earnestness.

We wanted our children to devote time to their physical body, therefore we created one hour of game period for every class.

We wish to develop their original thinking that is why learning became a window to relate learning with life.

We wanted to restrict the number of students in a classroom, so that a smaller number of children be well looked after about their emotional, academic and spiritual needs. Therefore two teachers were appointed in one section in junior classes.

And much more———still miles to go.
We seek The Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s living presence to guide and shape our destiny, so that every child be nurtured here without pomp and show.

I am extremely grateful to my colleague Sh.Ranbirji, Dineshji, Ram Goel ji,Jaspreet Mander and other unsung workers like our gardner Tejpal and Surinder Singh .

My thanks to admin. staff for working tirelessly to look after the material needs of this place.

Lastly my humble gratitude at the feet of our Spiritual Masters for making their Presence felt so concretely here.

K Pawan

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