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This experiment in Holistic Education has already been carried out at Pondicherry and New Delhi. More schools were open at Banglore, Jodhpur, Adhichini New Delhi, Bhopal, Ratlam and Chandigarh.Sri Aurobindo Society decided to start this adventure at Auro Mirra Center of Education (Patiala).
A new experiment with all limitations of Resource persons, teaching methodologies & educationational environment started taking shape in 1998.Chinmayie Principal of Auro –Mirra who has been trained in Integral education for 4 years at New Delhi & Pondicherry is the key resource person who has dedicated her energies to make this adventure of consciousness happen .Results are very encouraging .But for the support of Main School, Management’s Guidance & parents trust ,this experiment would not have come into its light.
May we all truly aspire to give the best of everything to the Child & be guided by Grace of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.


Integral education aims to address the physical emotional and mental aspect of the individual and help a chid to understand her/his self from within. it Focus on development key facilities (abilities and talents )so that a child grows up with not just information and training ,but becomees total individual who goes into a life long journey of evolution and growth. the focus and emphasis shifts in this type of education from information acquisition to self development in its essence.

The emotional development of student is made possible because of the non -threatening and friendly atmosphere ,wherein a child learns a to culture self -discipline while being sensitive to the needs of others support ,bring out the best in him. There is an encouragement on the parison or competition.A sence of introspection and self-reflection is inculcated , that help the child to understand value at a deeper level further the serene enviornment help the child to become calm and centered. The child grows with trees, flowers, friends and fun.This creates space of joy and ease in the heart of the child leading to true emotional development.
We believe learning is a life -long affair and it must begin in the home, the immediate community, the country and then move to the world at large . Only the living connected heart heat with life.
The Child’s self his roots.Resective one’s family ,culture ,country
and the earth are our sensitive awarence and understand this.
Integral education focues on development of the facilities and development of qualities which form the back-bone of all meaningful learning.Language,music,arts,crafts,dance,theate,scientific exploration ,game and support are a part of the curriculum .The learning by rote method is replaced by interesting activities and absorbing project that greatly stimulate the interest of the child and evoke deepar response from him.

An individual approach is adopted for children in order to bring out their full potential .child may have some unique talents or exercise tailored specifically for their extra chellenge , specical creative exercise ,exercise or different classes and programmes suited to needs and talents of the individual child.This natural implies a small number of student in a group implies individual attention (up to 20 per group).


At our school emphasis id laid on a approach encompassing development and introspection.Our methods and approach have the following characterstics:
1. A friendly,safe ,supportive enviornment that encourage self -discipline and introspection.
2. An emphasis on inquiry based rather then rote based learning.
3. Inter-disciplinary approach to knowledge is encourage so that the child can integrate knowledge of different subject for a natural,holistic and integrated along with self-development.
4. A direct focus on development power of the mind and qualities
of the heart through special programmes and classes.
5. The teacher often leads by example to inspire learning and creative an enviornment where collective learning and sharing of skill is encouraged.


In keeping with the child centered approach , the children are given freedom to explore, grow and develop.The relationship between freedom and responsibility is made clear to them through consistent introspection.
Our methods while encompassing traditional chalk and talk method ,go much beyond these.They include games,discussion ,silence ,drama ,debates ,speeches,music,art and a variety of activities . These are woven in the curriculum so that they blend naturally with everyday learning in and outside the classroom.


Interdisciplinary approach that enable an integral understanding and practical application is introduced through the ‘project method’.In this approach subject are taught around a theme.You move from general theme to specific subject ,for example student could select’cononnuts’ then study about agriculture ,climate ,economics,recipes ,literature , biology and so on.The learners select their goal after deliberation ,they select their theme,do their research ,gather information ,compile,experiment,infer,share ,present and reflect.This is a learner oriented activity where the child has maximum opportunity to explore and become an independent learner, with the teachers always there to guide and help.


Student are given a teste of exams and are acpuainted with the needs of the education system.This helps them to understand the ways the world function and also how it changes. However ,more importantly,student are helped to understand that education is more then formal evaluation and that evaluation is more then organized exams.The deeper,wider broader concept of evaluation through self examination along with objective evaluation is a part of their school life.
Continuous and varied froms of evaluation are used which exam but are not limited to them.

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