Indian Culture

Sri Aurobindo writes that the mission for modern India is,

“The recovery of the old spiritual knowledge and experience in all its splendour, depth and fullness is its first, most essential work; the flowing of this spirituality into new forms of philosophy, literature, art, science and critical knowledge is the second; an original dealing with modern problems in the light of the Indian spirit and the endeavour to formulate a greater synthesis of a spiritualised society is the third and most difficult. Its success on these three lines will be the measure of its help to the future of humanity.”


Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC)

Sri Aurobindo observes, “Indian civilisation has been the form and expression of a culture as great as any of the historic civilisations of mankind, great in religion, great in philosophy, great in science, great in thought of many kinds, great in literature, art and poetry, great in the organisation of society and politics, great in craft and trade and commerce.”

SAFIC strives to rediscover this truth and genius of Indian culture and how it can be applied dynamically to life and all its activities. It aspires to evoke among the youth, a great love for India, pride in its heritage and an aspiration and will to create an even greater future.

Sanskrit has been the language of India’s very soul, the language through which India has expressed herself in every field through the ages. If India is to rise again, Sanskrit must play its true role in education and in national life. One of the most ancient, most perfect and most beautiful of languages, Sanskrit has much to give, not only to India but to the whole world. SAFIC has taken up projects on several aspects of Sanskrit in the context of Indian culture and on popularising spoken Sanskrit.

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