Principal Desk

For me Auro Mirra is a dream come true, as I was asked give wings to my dreams by our Head Office. During my training at Delhi for four years in Integral and Holistic education, I used to wonder can it be possible in an environment where you lack human resource and cooperation from the beneficiaries. But we toiled with our staff, convinced our parents to trust us and loved our children. Their growth became our guiding force, gradually parents started trusting us. Our courage also took its strength. Consequently 12 year journey of Auro Mirra has become a rendezvous of challenges, adventure, patience and Divine Grace. Lord came to our help in the form of full material, emotional, social support of Main school and unrelenting guidance of our understanding management committee as well as untiring personal assistance of our main school principal Mrs Vanita Tandon.
Last but not the least our head bows in gratitude to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo whose living presence is so tangible at Auro Mirra.