Science & Technology

The power of science and technology need to be developed and harnessed for the progress of humanity. While it is important to work at the frontiers of science, it is equally important to develop a technology appropriate for rural and semi-urban India and other developing countries – a technology that is appropriate to its people and their culture –, and at the same time emphasises the deeper psychological values that enrich life.

A technology is needed which will reach a large number of people quickly and directly, helping them to do their work more efficiently, with less health hazards and at a lower cost, and at the same time maintaining full harmony with the people and their environment.

Sri Aurobindo Institute for Science & Technology (SAIST)

The Sri Aurobindo Institute for Science and Technology (SAIST) aims at synthesising science and technology with deeper spiritual values and service of humanity.

Areas of specific interest are alternative energy sources, especially solar and wind energy, and appropriate technology.

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